16th March 2020

Money-saving tips from SSE

The price to pay for cheap flights from Stansted Airport is that passengers get fleeced from the moment they arrive at the airport until the moment they board their plane. So, if you’re brave enough to disregard the current health risks and you are booked on a flight from Stansted, here are a few money-saving tips:

Buy your holiday currency beforehand
A survey carried out at major UK airports in February found that Stansted gave by far the worst exchange rate for converting UK pounds into euros. The Stansted Bureau de Change was giving just €395 for £500, whereas on the same day, you could get €565 at Luton Airport and €576 from your local Tesco store – a staggering £181 more. Foreign currency can also be bought at other local supermarkets, banks and Post Offices and so the message is to shop around beforehand. Don’t wait until you get to the airport.

Passenger drop-off rip-off
Since MAG acquired Stansted from BAA, annual car parking earnings have soared from £27 million to £91 million in the space of just six years. Stansted’s car parking revenues now exceed Gatwick’s and are the highest for any UK airport except Heathrow.
On 27th February Stansted increased its passenger drop-off charge by £1.00 for the second time in less than a year. It now stands at £5.00, making Stansted the UK’s most expensive airport for dropping off passengers. Neither Heathrow nor Gatwick makes any drop-off charge.
However, Birchanger residents can avoid the drop-off rip-off by registering for the local residents discount scheme. The scheme provides a reduced charge of 50p for those living within a 5-mile radius of Stansted Airport and a £1.00 charge for those living within a 10-mile radius. The application form is available at https://live-webadmin-media.s3.amazonaws.com/media/6871/application-for-local-residents-scheme.pdf or by emailing dd_carparking@stanstedairport.com.

Airport eating and shopping
It’s not a good idea to arrive at the airport hungry because everything from a burger to a cup of coffee can cost up to twice as much as in the equivalent restaurant, bar or coffee shop in Bishops Stortford. And, before you splash out on so-called ‘duty free’ spirits or perfume, consider what the same products cost in your local High Street or supermarket. You’ll find that bargains are few and far between.

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