Stop Stansted Expansion’s Objectives are:

“To contain the development of Stansted Airport within sustainable limits and, in this way, to protect the quality of life of residents over wide areas of Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, to preserve our heritage and to protect the natural environment.”

We shall use all lawful measures necessary to achieve this objective including:

  • Pursuing our vigorous campaign of publicity, lobbying and grass roots activities
  • Increasing public awareness of the issues in order to gain support
  • Making representations to Government departments, local authorities, the City and other decision-makers and influencers
  • Identifying and implementing legal challenges
  • Conducting and commissioning inquiries and research to support the campaign
  • Building partnerships with Local Government and other like-minded organisations

What is Stop Stansted Expansion?

Campaigning to ensure Stansted Airport's authorised operations stay below harmful limits