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Will you help us to keep up the pressure on Stansted Airport to minimise the impact of its operations on people and the environment, and to make proper representations for those whose voices are often drowned out by the airport lobby – not to mention aircraft noise?

Since we were established in 2002 as a working group of the North West Essex and East Herts Preservation Association, we have secured major victories which overturned plans for three extra runways at the airport, and the cancellation of a formal application for a second runway. We’ve also persuaded the Airports Commission that a second runway at Stansted simply isn’t viable.

Our challenge at present is to prepare for the latest round of expansion plans from the airport’s owners Manchester Airports Group whose goal is to secure 20 million more passengers per year and an extra 104,000 flights compared with current levels at Stansted. This translates into an aircraft overflying during daytime hours from the current average of a plane every 2¼ minutes, to a plane every 85 seconds. Noise, air quality and especially road and rail transport impacts would all be significantly worsened in contrast to the airport’s claim that there will be ‘no significant adverse environmental effects’.

Your continuing support and involvement is as important as ever. Please choose one of the following:

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