Press release archive

6th November 2021 DIG FOR VICTORY!
30th October 2021 FLY LESS
8th October 2021 Press Statement – Uttlesford Calls Time on Airport Planning Appeal
4th October 2021 Airport in “Shameless” Bid for More Night Flights
13th September 2021 HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY – Aviation cannot be allowed to keep adding to the Climate Crisis
6th September 2021 End Night Flights to Protect Health of Local Residents
19th July 2021 Give Greenwash the Red Card
22nd May 2021 Climate Change Impact Of Stansted Expansion Will Be Far Worse Than Previously Claimed
10th May 2021 Time to call a halt to airport expansion
17th April 2021 Stop Stansted Expansion to be succeeded by Stansted Airport Watch
15th March 2021 The Stansted Airport Public Inquiry comes to an end – now we must wait
11th January 2021 STANSTED AIRPORT PUBLIC INQUIRY – A Fight for our Future
15th December 2020 GOODBYE 2020 – AN EXTRAORDINARY YEAR
7th September 2020 Not everybody flies but everybody pays
26th August 2020 PRESS STATEMENT
29th July 2020 SSE renews call for Airport to accept planning refusal
11th July 2020 “Callous, Cynical and Pointless” – MAG to appeal council’s refusal of Stansted expansion proposals
25th May 2020 Air travel clampdown produces a silver lining
18th May 2020 Ten year anniversary
27th April 2020 A time to be magnanimous
26th April 2020 Council bears heavy responsibility to future generations
28th February 2020 Stansted slammed for “illusion” of cheap flights
24th February 2020 Stansted passenger numbers continue to slide
7th February 2020 High court won’t intervene on airport planning application
25th January 2020 SSE calls upon Manchester airports group to respect Uttlesford decision
20th January 2020 Airport planning application – balance switches from delay to refuse
13th January 2020 SSE urges council – don’t jump the gun
16th December 2019 New research shows no safe limit for air pollution
14th November 2019 Airport denies plans to expand to 50 million passengers a year
4th November 2019 Communities call for moratorium on airport expansion
19th October 2019 Stansted airport goes off the boil
7th October 2019 Reconsider airport decision says independent legal advice
9th September 2019 SSE Slams Stansted Airport for bully boy tactics
5th August 2019 Climate Change: Deeds must now match words
30th June 2019 The right decision – legally, procedurally and democratically
26th June 2019 British Medical Journal publishes article by SSE experts
24th June 2019 Day of reckoning for airport expansion decision
17th June 2019 Biggest ever residents’ petition calls for review of airport decision
10th June 2019 SSE tells council Chief Executive to end the secrecy and intrique
6th May 2019 An opportunity for a fresh approach
29th April 2019 Sheer Incompetence from start to finish
23rd April 2019 SSE hits back at “Playing Politics” accusation by Council leader
16th April 2019 Airport expansion: crunch Council meeting on April 25th 2019
8th April 2019 Uttlesford poised for final betrayal before May elections
26th March 2019 Further legal challenge against Stansted Airport planning approval
26th November 2018 Planning Chairman didn’t even know what he was voting for!
15th November 2018 A shameful day for Uttlesford District Council
12th November 2018 An open letter to Uttlesford Planning Committee
6th November 2018 Airport spin doctors in final attempt to sway council planners
26th October 2018 Proof if proof were needed
12th October 2018 Stansted bottom of league for supporting local good causes
2nd October 2018 Uttlesford competence again called into question
9th August 2018 Confirmation of High Court action
30th July 2018 Another 900 reasons to question Uttlesford competence
20th July 2018 Starting gun fired on airport High Court action
5th June 2018 New controversey as Airport re-writes council planning policy
2nd May 2018 Poll victory for local residents over airport computer
16th April 2018 Stansted to press for more night flights
19th March 2018 SSE asks Government to call-in Stansted Airport application
13th March 2018 SSE statement response to Uttlesford District Council
12th March 2018 Airport cash for Council favours
22nd February 2018 Airport planning application is manipulative and misleading
6th November 2017 New government figures undermine airport claims on expansion need
17th July 2017 No Relief for Sleepless Nights Under New Flight Rules
6th July 2017 Don’t be hoodwinked by Stansted Spin, warns SSE
19th June 2017 SSE brands Airport expansion plans as premature and opportunistic
23rd May 2017 Airport communities deliver Downing Street petition
8th May 2017 Reverse the flight path changes – says SSE
17th January 2017 Make your voice heard – Stansted night flights consultation
25th October 2016 SSE response to Government decision on new runways
12th July 2016 SSE tells Stansted Airport to publish its evidence
7th June 2016 SSE prepares legal proceedings against Stansted Airport
19th January 2016 Aircraft noise is bad for your health
5th October 2015 Departure route trials show improved track keeping at Stansted
1st July 2015 SSE response to Airport Commission final report
27th June 2015 SSE’s parent organisation celebrates 50th anniversary
25th April 2015 SSE calls for cross-party support to end night flights
28th February 2015 SSE takes fight on flight path changes to the CAA
18th November 2014 NATS ignores local residents objections to flight path changes
15th September 2014 New flight path proposal does not give local residents a fair balance of benefits
18th August 2014 SSE supports call to take part in flight path consultation
18th June 2014 SSE advises caution on changes to Stansted departure routes
28th April 2014 Tribute to Chris Bennett – 1943-2014
22nd March 2014 Three questions for Michael O’Leary
21st March 2014 SSE calls for Independent Noise Watchdog
31st January 2014 Government must act to end night flights
18th December 2013 Huge sigh of relief but it’s not over yet
17th December 2013 Stansted not on Shortlist
7th December 2013 Sir Alan Haselhurst shows support for SSE Community Calendar
2nd December 2013 Airports Commission – SSE High Court challenge
18th November 2013 High Court to hear SSE’s legal challenge
13th October 2013 SSE calls time on Airports Commission and Department for Transport
8th October 2013 Airports Commission: tainted process – dubious conclusion
20th September 2013 Airports Commission – Departure of Geoff Muirhead
19th September 2013 Ryanair deal at Stansted
11th September 2013 Airports Commission urged to provide safeguards for local communities
19th August 2013 A Fight for Fairness
19th July 2013 SSE slams opportunistic, irresponsible and pointless expansion proposals for Stansted
16th July 2013 Boris ignores countryside in favour of politics
23rd May 2013 Balanced approach needed on Stansted rail services
23rd April 2013 Majority of night flights unnecessary, says campaign group
20th April 2013 Airport capacity crisis claims rebuffed
25th March 2013 New aviation policy is a hollow sham
23rd February 2013 Airports and health: experts call for stronger action
30th January 2013 New air traffic forecasts show no case for Stansted expansion
19th January 2013 Sale of Stansted Airport
15th November 2012 Time to call time on night flights
2nd November 2012 Sir Howard Davies sets out his stall
15th October 2012 SSE Wood remains symbol of resolve against ‘Super-Stansted’
9th October 2012 Business passengers becoming a rare breed at Stansted
7th October 2012 Bonkeramus Boris
10th September 2012 SSE welcomes establishment of independent Airports Commission
20th August 2012 BAA finally concedes defeat over Stansted
3rd August 2012 SSE celebrates tenth birthday
26th July 2012 BAA finally runs out of runway at Stansted
12th July 2012 Time for ‘Greenest Government ever’ to honour its promises
29th May 2012 Court of Appeal agrees to hear another BAA appeal
30th April 2012 Slowdown in cheap flights gives boost to British economy
16th April 2012 ‘Deeds not words’, SSE tells aviation regulator
21st March 2012 Chancellor reveals delay in new airport expansion policy
29th February 2012 BAA launches yet another appeal over Stansted
31st January 2012 BAA commits to selling back houses
12th January 2012 Stansted flights hit ten year low
27th October 2011 SSE Campaign wins Public Relations ‘Oscar’
25th October 2011 SSE responds to Government’s aviation policy consultation
19th July 2011 Time for BAA to accept defeat at Stansted
9th June 2011 Thaxted to be highlight of 2011 Runway Ramble
9th April 2011 BAA owners finally admit that Stansted will be sold
5th April 2011 New Aviation Policy Consultation
30th March 2011 Don’t prolong the agony, BAA
18th February 2011 Supreme Court calls time on BAA
1st February 2011 Give us back our community, BAA
15th October 2010 NATS Postpones airspace changes yet again
13th October 2010 BAA should accept Court of Appeal verdict and sell Stansted
27th September 2010 Ed Miliband victory raises hopes of all-party agreement on runway ban
1st June 2010 SSE embarks on final mission
25th May 2010 Stop Stansted Expansion? Yes we did!
24th May 2010 BAA abandons Stansted second runway plans
17th May 2010 Local MPs to help SSE secure ministerial meetings
5th May 2010 Airport warehouse planning application refused
11th February 2010 Make your mind up on second runway – Government tells BAA
11th January 2010 BAA needs to smell the coffee
16th December 2009 Scrap runway plans now rather than prolong the blight
7th December 2009 MPs challenge wisdom of second Stansted runway
12th October 2009 Stansted continues to bear brunt of decline in airport traffic
18th June 2009 Announcement delayed on start of Stansted Public Inquiry
21st May 2009 BAA seeks further delay on second runway plans
7th May 2009 Shadow Transport Secretary vows to scrap Stansted runway plans
28th April 2009 Government deals further blow to Stansted runway plans
31st March 2009 Mountain saves Molehill?
19th March 2009 BAA forced to sell Stansted 
2nd March 2009 Stansted Inquiry Postponed – Common sense beginning to prevail
19th February 2009 Stansted second runway now facing six year delay
19th January 2009 Second runway programme – is realism beginning to prevail?
14th November 2008 SSE High Court challenge over Stansted decision
10th November 2008 Inspector agrees rethink on Stansted Second Runway Inquiry
3rd November 2008 Tribute to Norman Mead: 1927 – 2008
1st November 2008 Government plans to steamroller Stansted Inquiry
22nd October 2008 SSE Address to Uttlesford District Council
14th October 2008 Democracy, climate change and the right to protest
1st October 2008 Conservative leader rejects Stansted runway plans
19th September 2008 New aircraft noise threat to Suffolk and South Cambridgeshire
16th September 2008 Watchdog calls for airport expansion to be put on hold
15th September 2008 SSE urges Competition Commission to stand firm on BAA break-up
20th August 2008 SSE response to Competition Commission report ON BAA
21st July 2008 Community to once again come to the fore in overturning second runway plans
17th July 2008 Ruth fiddles while Stansted burns
8th July 2008 SSE comment on Stansted runway closure
30th June 2008 Let the train take the strain
11th June 2008 The rise and fall of Stansted Airport
12th May 2008 Stansted – Bigger than Heathrow?
9th May 2008 Heritage postcards to help fight second runway threat
8th May 2008 Extending consultation is pointless unless questions are answered
22nd April 2008 BAA compulsory powers to be examined by Competition Commission
18th April 2008 What half a million planes a year overhead would mean
15th April 2008 SSE publishes guidance on NATS consultation
9th April 2008 Saffron Walden – Proposed flight path changes
8th April 2008 SSE helps communities get to grips with second runway plans
4th April 2008  Proposals for an Eco-town at Elsenham
17th March 2008 Storm force of opposition to challenge BAA’s plans
11th March 2008 BAA planning application is an act of war
29th February 2008 SSE condemns false pollution data provided by BAA
21st February 2008 Winners and losers from proposed flight path changes
11th February 2008 Terry Waite and Zac Goldsmith join forces for SSE
31st January 2008 More ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ on Stansted new runway plans
30th January 2008 Cheap flights “Squeezing the life out of British tourism”
15th January 2008 Decision not to de-designate Stansted Airport
24th December 2007 2007 – A year of encouragement for SSE – less so for BAA
12th December 2007 Stansted posts slump in passengers as jobs fears mount
10th December 2007 March for action on Climate Change
26th November 2007 Playing politics and high finance with people’s lives
21st November 2007 Cheap Flights cause another record Trade Deficit
19th October 2007 Stansted Public Inquiry – “Refusal” is the only logical outcome
24th September 2007 Road and rail issues in the spotlight at Stansted Inquiry
19th September 2007 Support the British Economy – Stop Stansted Expansion
18th September 2007 Union picketing “a throwback to a bygone age”
15th September 2007 It’s humanity’s back yard – not BAA’s, says Will Self
13th September 2007 Local MP to give evidence at Stansted Airport Inquiry
21st August 2007 Stansted Public Inquiry resumes 4 September
20th August 2007 Will Self to lead SSE Runway Ramble
9th August 2007 Competition Commission statement on BAA
3rd August 2007 “Trickery, deceit and manipulation”
21st July 2007 Inuit Leader to give evidence at Stansted Public Inquiry
17th July 2007 “No basis for BAA’s economic claims” Inquiry Inspector told
13th July 2007 Start of SSE evidence to Public Inquiry
30th May 2007 Opening salvos fired as Stansted Public Inquiry opens
30th March 2007 BAA referral to Competition Commission marks beginning of the end
21st March 2007 SSE condemns BAA’s eleventh-hour attempt to prevent proper examination of its Stansted expansion plans
13th March 2007 Cheap flights take priority over saving the planet
5th March 2007 Pre-Inquiry meeting into airport expansion
27th February 2007 Road and rail issues relating to second Stansted runway
11th February 2007 Chancellor urged to close APD loopholes
4th February 2007 Think Global – Act Local
30th January 2007 Ferrovial’s plans for Stansted ‘Belligerent and Irresponsible’
26th January 2007 Announcement on proposed second Stantsed runway
15th January 2007 SSE to hold Third Community Conference
14th December 2006 Forget Climate Change – Let’s Fly!
13th December 2006 Airport expansion plans to be based on meaningless Emissions Trading Scheme
12th December 2006 OFT to refer BAA to Competition Commission
6th December 2006 Chancellor has still not grasped scale of problem
4th December 2006 Paying same old piper to play same old tunes
2nd December 2006 Appeal fund launched to fight airport expansion
29th November 2006 SSE calls upon BAA to respect democratic decision
27th November 2006 Runway expansion decision expected to block BAA’s Stansted plans
21st November 2006 Council set to refuse airport planning application
20th November 2006 Climate crisis moves Stansted centre stage
14th November 2006 Air travel produces record balance of payments deficit
11th November 2006 Cheap flights – Poor need not apply
9th November 2006 Stansted passengers take to the roads as rail use tumbles
5th November 2006 “Cheap flights cost the earth”
4th November 2006 BAA to face challenge in European Court of Human Rights
9th October 2006 Sir Monty, fearless spokesman for SPURT, says:
28th September 2006 Concerns mount over Council’s position on airport expansion
25th September 2006 Uttlesford Planning Committee to feel expansion heat
8th September 2006 Don’t delay decision, SSE urges Council
10th August 2006 BAA Health Impact Assessment is worthless, says SSE
30th July 2006 BAA agrees to correct misleading Property Pack information
25th July 2006 Government concedes on night flights numbers cap
17th July 2006 SSE Exposes ‘Lies and Deception’ in BAA Planning Application
7th July 2006 Airport expansion update meeting
27th June 2006 SSE endorses call for aviation policy rethink
7th June 2006 SSE responds to Government’s ‘Night Flying Restrictions’ proposals
6th June 2006 Bye Bye BAA
20th May 2006 Council faces first test on airport expansion
16th May 2006 Latest housing blight figures add weight to High Court case against BAA
6th May 2006 BAA announces further postponement of second runway plans
27th April 2006 Don’t be fooled by BAA’S claims on runway expansion
27th March 2006 Aircraft complaints made easier
13th March 2006 BAA Slammed for survey bias – again
9th March 2006 Government defeat on night flights welcomed
8th February 2006 Possible takeover bid for BAA
20th January 2006 Exposed – cynical charade by BAA and its consultants
13th January 2006 The runway that nobody wants
31st December 2005 Airport campaign group gaining ground as tide turns against BAA
29th December 2005 Major public meeting to oppose second runway plans
21st December 2005 Poor stay grounded as rich fly high
14th December 2005 Government promise on airport compensation cast aside
9th December 2005 Second runway plans spell environmental disaster
8th December 2005 High Court hearing for Takeley Parish Council airport blight challenge
7th December 2005 Press Briefing following BAA’s announcement on proposed second runway siting
29th November 2005 Parliamentary support for those affected by airport blight
28th November 2005 Aviation Minister briefed on ‘Stansted Carport’
7th November 2005 Lords battle over new Civil Aviation Bill
1st November 2005 Regional Plan is “unsound and unsustainable”
25th October 2005 United call for Government action on night flights
10th October 2005 Rally against proposals for more night flights
7th October 2005 How much did you pay for this rubbish, BAA?
28th September 2005 Controlling aviation’s impact on Climate Change
19th September 2005 Tim Yeo MP and SSE to join South Suffolk update meeting
18th September 2005 SSE to attend Labour Party Conference
17th September 2005 SSE wins prize for best float at Dunmow Carnival
6th September 2005 Challenge aircraft night noise plans now before its too late
3rd September 2005 Homeowners and iIndustry to pay price of aviation pollution
23rd August 2005 Cost of airport blight now exceeds £600 million
5th August 2005 Rapid growth in air travel is unsustainable – economically and environmentally
15th July 2005 Stansted viability under spotlight at BAA AGM
12th July 2005 Revealed: Plans to play down second runway impacts
1st July 2005 MPs demand airports watchdog
19th June 2005 Candour of BAA Directors questioned over Stansted Airport
11th June 2005 SSE chief recognised in Queen’s Birthday Honours
10th June 2005 Government condemned as night flight disturbance continues
6th June 2005 Averting the expansion threat is strong and real
21st May 2005 Airport communities stand firmly united – unlike the aviation industry
18th May 2005 Further doubts over second Stansted runway
3rd May 2005 BAA trims Stansted investment plans
26th April 2005 SSE tells council to demand the full truth from BAA
14th March 2005 Takeley renews claim for Judicial Review of airport compensation scheme
2nd March 2005 BAA Spin lambasted by council leader at SSE meeting
18th February 2005 Stansted expansion plans thrown into confusion
31st January 2005 Stansted campaigners warn against any complacency in airport fight
30th January 2005 “Show ’em the Yellow Card!”
25th January 2005 BAA slur condemned by Takeley Parish Council
18th January 2005 BAA shareholders should have say on investment plans
10th January 2005 Stop Stansted Expansion to hold major Community Conference
2nd January 2005 BAA the target of legal action over expansion blight
20th December 2004 High drama in airports High Court case
16th December 2004 SSE celebrates “A year of spectacular achievement”
8th March 2004 Aviation White Paper faces High Court challenge
27th February 2004 Campaigners unite to call for ban on night flights
6th February 2004 Threatened communities unite to fight BAA
28th January 2004 SSE slams BAA’s minimalist, cost-saving approach
26th January 2004 SSE acts to mobilise local opposition in three counties
20th January 2004 Grim message from BAA – a plague on all your houses
8th January 2004 Put your cards on the table BAA – and let battle commence!
23rd December 2003 BAA Propaganda Slammed as “Crude and Crass”
16th December 2003 White Paper Proposals for Stansted are ‘Pie in the Sky’
7th December 2003 Jamie Oliver speaks out against Stansted Expansion
4th December 2003 Stop Stansted Expansion Motorcade Targets BAA and Cabinet Ministers
26th November 2003 Stansted and the Air Transport White Paper. What can we Expect?
25th November 2003 Campaign Website Worth a Million
18th November 2003 City Gents Warn BAA Investors of Stansted Financial Risks
14th November 2003 SSE Takes Campaign to Downing Street and the European Parliament
11th November 2003 Politicians and Mandarins Targeted with Campaign Calendar
10th November 2003 Thaxted Proms a Roaring Success
5th November 2003 Campaigners Unite Against BAA Expansion Ambitions
4th November 2003 Airport Environmental Threat Highlighted by Costumed Campaigners
28th October 2003 Summit Meeting held with Transport Minister
25th October 2003 SSE Condemns Blair’s Political Preference for Stansted Expansion
24th October 2003 New Economic Report Delivers a Potentially Knockout Blow to Stansted Expansion Plans
21st October 2003 BAA Figures Wrong – Civil Aviation Authority Report Reveals
18th October 2003 SSE Welcomes Calls for BAA Break-up
9th October 2003 Post Early for Christmas
7th October 2003 New SSE Community Calendar Highlights Local Heritage at Risk
6th October 2003 SSE Campaign Moves into Overdrive
20th September 2003 Every Step Will Count at Horseshoes Hike on 28 September
19th September 2003 Shock New Airport-Related Housing Proposals for Local Area
16th September 2003 Respect the Will of the People and our Heritage, Terry Waite Warns
15th September 2003 Going Going Gone! Auction Success for SSE
2nd September 2003 Terry Waite to lead ‘Horseshoes Hike’ for SSE
1st September 2003 Alistair Darling told to Quash Industry Rumours About Runway Decisions
29th August 2003 BAA Attack on Role of High Speed Rail “Laughable”
26th August 2003 Answers Demanded on Stansted Airport Water Supply
17th August 2003 Airport Noise Complaints Rise by 54 per cent
11th August 2003 Heritage is Priceless – Don’t treat it as Worthless!
1st August 2003 Stop Stansted Expansion Celebrates Solid First Year
22nd July 2003 Campaign Concert goes with a Swing
4th July 2003 Airport Campaign Tunes up for Next Round
30th June 2003 Wrong Sums on Airports would mean Unprecedented Vandalism
29th June 2003 Terry Waite to lead thousands in Stop Stansted Expansion Protest
26th June 2003 £2.5 Billion Millstone to Provide Stansted Road and Rail Infrastructure
25th June 2003 Historic Woodland Faces Destruction
24th June 2003 New Noise Maps show extra 70,000 would be affected by Stansted Expansion ort
20th June 2003 Freedom to Fly Attack “Pathetic” says Stop Stansted Expansion
17th June 2003 Final Event of Stansted Airport Consultation
16th June 2003 Write Now – Before it’s Too Late
11th June 2003 Beatlemania at Stop Stansted Expansion Music Festival
10th June 2003 Guided Tours of Historic Buildings Threatened by Stansted Expansion
9th June 2003 SSE Condemns Intervention by John Prescott
6th June 2003 Army Tank Delivers a Foretaste of Airport Devastation
28th May 2003 Vanishing Villages – Mass Event Planned for Sunday 29 June
27th May 2003 Terry Waite Pledges Support for SSE Campaign
22nd May 2003 Government Gives Aviation Too Many Favours – says IPPR
21st May 2003 BAA’s ‘Blackadder’ Plot is Heathrow by the Back Door
20th May 2003 Expansion not a Foregone Conclusion if Silent Majority Speaks Out
12th May 2003 No Surprises from BAA as it aims to Protect its Monopoly
6th May 2003 Music Festival to Aid Campaign
2nd May 2003 Transport Minister Poorly Briefed on Stansted Air Quality Status
11th April 2003 West End Stars to Help Save Stansted
9th April 2003 EU Commission told of Folly of Airport Expansion Plans
8th April 2003 Government Condemned over Aviation Birdstrike Report
27th March 2003 Heritage Ally steps in to Help Defend Historic Buildings
24th March 2003 Airline Pollution Tax Could Benefit Homeowners
11th March 2003 Feedback on ‘Green’ Letter Writing Campaign
10th March 2003 Inspector Morse Music Man sends Airport Expansion S-O-S
3rd March 2003 Health Impacts of Airport Expansion will reach Far and Wide
26th February 2003 Put People before Planes say Stansted Campaigners
25th February 2003 Stop Stansted Expansion launches Online Supporters Scheme
17th February 2003 Campaign Director Appointed
11th February 2003 Sally Oliver Steals the Show at Community Conference
7th February 2003 New Team to Show Real Airport Noise Picture
21st January 2003 BBC Website to Feature SSE Campaign
20th January 2003 Put up Posters to tell Visiting Politicians – No
19th January 2003 SSE to Hold Third Community Conference
16th January 2003 An Act of Vandalism on an Unprecedented Scale
17th December 2002 Resolve to fight on in the New Year
16th December 2002 CBI response on airport expansion slammed by Stansted campaigners
10th December 2002 Stansted campaign group warns of further challenge
29th November 2002 Victory in the High Court – but the fight against Stansted expansion goes on
26th November 2002 High Court ruling on Government’s air transport consultation
23rd November 2002 South East unites to tell Prime Minister to think again on airport expansion plans
18th November 2002 Commuters will pay the price for Stansted expansion
8th November 2002 Businesses underestimate the Stansted issues
29th October 2002 Government withholding airport expansion documents
28th October 2002 Jamie Oliver writes to Darling to oppose Stansted plans
24th October 2002 Judicial review on airports consultation sought by Stansted
10th October 2002 Jumbo Jets to be lured to Stansted
7th October 2002 Jamie Oliver joins Stop Stansted Expansion campaign
4th October 2002 Vote ‘NO’ to expansion – but tell the Government why
3rd October 2002 228,000 extra cars to travel daily to Stansted Airport
23rd September 2002 Government fails to comply with its own code in air transport consultation
20th September 2002 Stop Stansted Expansion schools project
14th September 2002 Campaign well under way
13th September 2002 Response to 25 million passengers per annum approval by Uttlesford District Council
12th September 2002 Write today and send Darling a message he can’t ignore
11th September 2002 Be a “Meldrew”
9th September 2002 New maps reveal the true level of devastation promised by airport development
5th August 2002 New campaign group formed

Campaigning to ensure Stansted Airport's authorised operations stay below harmful limits