4th October 2002

Vote ‘NO’ to expansion – but tell the Government why

Stop Stansted Expansion is urging Uttlesford residents to make their voices heard in the District Council’s referendum on the expansion of Stansted Airport following distribution of the ballot papers today, Friday 4 October.

However, warns the campaign group, just voting ‘NO’ to oppose development may not be enough. If the message is to be really driven home to officials at the Department of Transport who are responsible for leading the consultation and, ultimately, for briefing the Secretary of State for Transport who will make the final decision, then a letter to local MPs is essential.

“Of course it’s vital that everyone puts forward their views to express opposition to further runways being forced on Stansted, but we must remember to take a few minutes to write to our local MPs at the House of Commons as well so they can represent our views to Secretary of State for Transport, Alistair Darling,” said Stop Stansted Expansion chairman Norman Mead.

Letters should be sent to local MPs Sir Alan Haselhurst, Oliver Heald and Mark Prisk according to residents’ constituencies and should outline the main reasons for opposition (noise and air pollution, road and rail chaos, community impact/loss of amenity, and environmental devastation).

Stop Stansted Expansion is challenging the Government’s claim that airport capacity must increase fourfold in the South East and fight against its proposals to build another three runways at Stansted on the basis that it will destroy hundreds of people’s homes, including three ancient monuments and 64 listed buildings. Expansion will severely impact on the quality of life – and health – of hundreds of thousands more as well as wipe out whole communities, with an entire expanse of British countryside being concreted over.

Campaigning to ensure Stansted Airport's authorised operations stay below harmful limits