13th September 2002

Response to 25 million passengers per annum approval by Uttlesford District Council

Airport development approval opens floodgates to 25 million passengers per year at Stansted.

The Stop Stansted Expansion group that is campaigning against the building of further runways at Stansted Airport has expressed great concern over Uttlesford District Council’s decision to approve BAA’s application to increase capacity at the Airport from 15 to 25 million passengers per annum.

“While we are clearly bitterly disappointed at the Council’s decision, the champagne must be flowing at BAA”, said campaign chairman, Norman Mead. “This must be a first for them – to be given approval to virtually double the capacity of one of their airports with no public inquiry whatsoever. Clearly with the Government threatening to increase the throughput of Stansted by over eight times – making it twice that of Heathrow – Uttlesford felt that this application was small-fry. But the reality for those living within a few miles of the Airport – and for those further afield – will be harshly felt. There will be more noise, more pollution, greater threats to our safety and significantly less quality of life.”

“This application will have devastating effects for our whole region. It means an extra 10 million passengers every year traveling into and out of the Airport – the vast majority by car. It means more employees traveling into and out of the Airport – the vast majority by car (let’s not forget that BAA has already stated that it will be looking for employees from further afield because of the low unemployment in our area). It will mean another 75,000 flights every year with peaks of 50 flights an hour – or one flight every 72 seconds – being experienced four times a day, lasting for up to two hours each.”

Campaigning to ensure Stansted Airport's authorised operations stay below harmful limits