13th September 2007

Local MP to give evidence at Stansted Airport Inquiry

Photocall Notice

Saffron Walden MP Sir Alan Haselhurst will give evidence at the Public Inquiry into the proposed expansion of Stansted Airport on Tuesday 18 September at 10am for approximately 30 minutes. He will be available beforehand for photographs and interview outside Endeavour House, the Inquiry venue, at 9.30am, as well as immediately after giving evidence.

Sir Alan will tell the Inquiry Inspector, Mr Alan Boyland, that today – just as in the early 1970s – he believes it wrong to expand Stansted Airport or any other inland site because of the major impacts such expansion would have.

He will also make clear that what is sought in the current application is the thin end of the wedge as far as the future is concerned for those in the region and that further expansion is by no means essential to the success of the aviation industry or to the nation.

Far from being the Airport in the Countryside, Sir Alan will describe how Stansted and its operations have come to dominate the landscape with far-reaching consequences on those living under flight paths or using the region’s transport system.

The core text of Sir Alan’s proof of evidence is available here [from SSE office].


BAA is seeking a major expansion of passenger and aircraft numbers on Stansted’s existing runway, currently the subject of a five month Public Inquiry due to end in late October and whose outcome will be announced next year. BAA also wants to develop a second runway which will be the subject of another planning application, due to be made later this year and which will be considered at a second Inquiry starting in 2008

Campaigning to ensure Stansted Airport's authorised operations stay below harmful limits