9th August 2007

Competition Commission statement on BAA

SSE Reaction

Stop Stansted Expansion (SSE) has welcomed today’s statement from the Competition Commission confirming that a break-up of the BAA monopoly will be considered during its investigation of BAA’s dominance in the UK airports market.

Commenting on the news, Stop Stansted Expansion’s Economics Adviser Brian Ross said:

“Together with almost every major UK airline, SSE has long argued that it is anti-competitive for BAA to have a stranglehold over London’s airports through its ownership of Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted (the UK’s three biggest airports) as well as Southampton, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen airports.

BAA is no different from any other monopoly. Dominance breeds arrogance, high-handedness and an inability to listen to passengers, customers and communities. BAA’s dominance has also led to an unhealthy influence over the Department of Transport who many believe to dances to the tune of BAA.

The Competition Commission will publish its final report towards the end of next year and we are confident that this will conclude that the time has come to end the BAA monopoly.”

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