NATs airspace consultation

In 2008 National Air Traffic Services (NATS) issued a consultation which proposed changing flightpaths in our region for aircraft from airports north of the Thames including Stansted. There was uproar – not just because of the significance of the changes being proposed and the potential noise impacts on the community, with more losers than winners, but because of the procedural inadequacies of the consultation itself.

The consultation was subsequently withdrawn with the intention of subsequently re-running it. NATS has now announced that this has been replaced by a UK-wide airspace modernisation programme and details concerning Stansted can be viewed here. The consultation is planned to start in late-2020.  Recently, the CAA has improved the airspace change process to overcome the previous procedural inadequacies.

It is SSE’s intention once again to provide analysis and information to guide residents, parish and town councils on what is quite a technical subject so that you can give informed feedback to the forthcoming consultation. This will be available via this page or, if you’d like to receive an email from us when it is ready, please email us on with your details.


Campaigning to ensure Stansted Airport's authorised operations stay below harmful limits