18th September 2023

Noise Action Plan Consultation deadline extended for a second time

We have had notification that Stansted Airport has extended the deadline for responses to its consultation on its Draft Noise Action Plan (NAP) 2024-2028 to the 5th of November.

Their email says :-

On 17th July we launched a public consultation on our draft Noise Action Plan for 2024-28. It is important to us that we hear stakeholders’ feedback about our draft plan. Whilst we have received a good response to the consultation, we are aware that some stakeholders may need a little longer to prepare and submit their consultation responses and have already provided an extension to 20th September for Parish Councils.

To ensure we are able to hear views from all stakeholders, we are now reopening the consultation period to accept the feedback until 5th November. Our consultation will then close to allow us to review responses and prepare a final Noise Action Plan which will be submitted to the department for environment, food and rural affairs (Defra). This will mean that, in total, our Noise Action Plan Consultation will have allowed stakeholders a period of at least 93 days to provide their feedback.

Thank you for submitting your comments, we want to assure that all comments that we have already received will be taken into account in our feedback analysis and there is no need to resubmit.”

The consultation document is via: https://assets.live.dxp.maginfrastructure.com/f/73114/x/8cd1d817e9/london-stansted-airport-draft-noise-action-plan-2024-2028-1.pdf. Comments should be sent to community@stanstedairport.com, marking your email ‘Noise Action Plan Consultation’.

You can see the SAW response to the Airport’s consultation here SAW-Response-to-Stansted-Airport-NAP-2024-2028.pdf (stanstedairportwatch.com)

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