7th January 2021

Live streaming of the Stansted Airport Public Inquiry

Amidst the situation that we all find ourselves in now that we are in National Lockdown again and with all of the challenges that come with it, the Public Inquiry to determine Stansted Airport’s Planning Application is still set to commence on Tuesday 12th January.

The Stansted Inquiry Portal has been set up and is available to anyone wishing to watch the live streaming of the Inquiry. Also, for anyone who wants to view the recording of any of the sessions, the recordings will be uploaded onto the portal following each day of the Inquiry and are expected to be available to view within 24-48 hours. The link to this portal is http://stream-uk.venue-av.com/e/sai/live_stream

You can also access up to date information concerning the Inquiry by logging on to Programme Officer Services via https://programmeofficers.co.uk/ssairport/



Campaigning to ensure Stansted Airport's authorised operations stay below harmful limits